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2,950 CFA

JL01 Pure MilkJL01 Pure MilkJL02 Salmon PinkJL02 Salmon PinkJL03 Coral RedJL03 Coral RedJL04 ScarletJL04 ScarletJL05 Fire RedJL05 Fire RedJL06 AmaranthJL06 AmaranthJL07 RubyJL07 RubyJL08 PlumJL08 PlumJL09 Sky BlueJL09 Sky BlueJL10 Turquoise GreenJL10 Turquoise GreenJL11 Palm Coast TealJL11 Palm Coast TealJL12 ForestJL12 ForestJl13 Pale EucalyptJl13 Pale EucalyptJL14 Torres BlueJL14 Torres BlueJL15 MaroonJL15 MaroonJL16 Pastel GreenJL16 Pastel GreenJL17 Green PassportJL17 Green PassportJL18 Ocean BlueJL18 Ocean BlueJL19 Tender LilacJL19 Tender LilacJL20 Rich PurpleJL20 Rich PurpleJL21 Awesome PinkJL21 Awesome PinkJL22 Bright SalmonJL22 Bright SalmonJL23 Stunning RedJL23 Stunning RedJL24 Light GreyJL24 Light GreyJL25 Soft CloudJL25 Soft CloudJL26 My CappuccinoJL26 My CappuccinoJL27 Milky PinkyJL27 Milky PinkyJL28 Patent Black LeatherJL28 Patent Black LeatherJL29 Vanilla SouffléJL29 Vanilla SouffléJL30 MustardJL30 MustardJL31 Coffee With MilkJL31 Coffee With MilkJL32 Maple TruffleJL32 Maple TruffleJl33 FlamingoJl33 FlamingoJL34 DresdenJL34 DresdenJL35 Crystal BlueJL35 Crystal BlueJL36 Light MossJL36 Light MossJL37 MarmaladeJL37 MarmaladeJL38 SangriaJL38 SangriaJL39 Sweet OrchidJL39 Sweet OrchidJL40 MulberryJL40 Mulberry
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